Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Kerala in the aftermath of the Destructive Floods of August 2018 – Request for Donations/Contribution


Major Programmes (Past and Present)

(i)           Healthy City Projects

GIRD associated with the Kottayam, Thalassery and Kasaragod Municipalities in Kerala in effectively implementing the ‘Healthy City’ projects in areas covered under these Municipalities.  The concept of “Healthy City” was evolved for continually creating and improving the physical and social environments through harmonious actions of people in public life and for making the people aware of the issues of environment.

(ii)          Action for Endosulphan (Chemical Insecticide) Victims of Kasaragod (Kerala)

GIRD undertook campaign and support activities including medical camps and provision of food and cloth for the victims of Endosulphan (chemical insecticide) of Kasaragod district of Kerala beginning from 2006. Collaborating with the Badiadka Grama Panchayat, we mobilized public and governmental support for the rehabilitation of these victims.

(iii)         Work for Rural India

GIRD takes up action and campaign programmes covering a vast range of issues affecting the rural masses. We reach the fruits of science and technology to farmers, artisan and artisan-like producers of rural India.  We work to improve their skills, health-care and educational levels. GIRD is a member organisation of Confederation of NGOs of Rural India (CNRI).

(iv)       Nutrition Enhancement for Weaker Sections

GIRD undertakes ‘Nutrition Enhancement’ programmes to improvement the health status of vulnerable sections of the people (Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and the other Backward Classes consisting of artisan and artisanal communities and traditional service providers and the urban poor).  It has been sponsoring nutritional supplements to poor children in schools where children of socially and economically disadvantaged families go to study.

(v)          Rescue and Rehabilitation work for the victims of Kosi River Floods

In the month of August, 2008 tragedy struck millions of people in the north Bihar districts of India as flash floods from Kosi river brought deaths and miseries to them. GIRD took up the mission of helping the victims by organizing emergency support activities like procuring and distributing food, medicines, clothes, and erecting temporary shelters with the help of District authorities. We made a short documentary capturing the human misery caused by the floods for the purpose of fund collection for rehabilitation work and for advocacy with the Government authorities.

A large number of people displaced from North Bihar districts in the wake of the floods came to Delhi. We helped them to settle in makeshift camps behind the GB Pant Hospital and extended to them various help including giving them some training in skills to enable them to find remunerative occupations.

(vi)         Enhancing Human Development of Deprived and Disadvantaged Sections of Indian peoples

GIRD undertakes projects of imparting modern technical skills and scientific knowledge to disadvantaged sections of people with the objective of enhancing their standard of life.  In this area, we undertook a project of running educational facilities including imparting vocational skills and upgrading existing skills and providing training for the rural peoples of Supaul district, Bihar. The Government of India approved this project for 100% income tax exemption under Section 35AC of the Income Tax Act, after the evaluation of the project by the National Committee for Promotion of Social and Economic Welfare.

(vi)         Mobilisation of Indian Volunteers in UAE for ‘Clean up the World Campaign’ – recognition for action at International Level

Green Institute for Research & Development has been organizing Indian volunteers for the UNEP-supported “Clean Up the World” programme in Dubai, UAE every year from 2007.  The latest Clean Up the World programme was held in November 2015 in which we mobilized about 400 Indian volunteers for clean-up activities in areas under Dubai Municipality. By mobilizing Indian volunteers in UAE for this programme, we have been able to showcase to the world at large the environmental awareness, sensitivity and commitment of the Indian people to the cause of environment.

(vii)    Hospital Waste Management

We are giving consultancy to the Qualified Medical Practitioners’ & Hospitals’ Association, Kerala for treatment and re-use of hospital wastes.

(viii)      Tribal Welfare and Development

We are engaged in the work for social and economic development of tribal peoples in the Wayanad district, Kerala. Under this progamme, we promote organic farming, help tribal farmers to set-up small-scale agro industries and establish market linkages.

For bringing modern knowledge and latest information to the tribal people we are planning to set up a Community Radio Station at Kalpetta town in Wayanad district, Kerala. Our application in this regard  is under process by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India.

 (ix)  Work for promoting girls’ education :    GIRD conducted a public campaign in the areas of three districts of Delhi, namely, South Delhi, West Delhi and North-West Delhi from the 1st April to 14th April 2017 to create awareness about and mobilize community initiatives to work towards the objectives of the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao programme initiated by the Government of India in 2015, focusing mainly on the promotion of girls’ education.  Volunteers of GIRD went from house to house in the localities of these three districts, and briefed members of households about the importance of education of girls. They were also informed about various other issues faced by girls in the society like child-marriage, preference for boys, neglect of health issues of girls, and the need for equal treatment of boys and girls in all respects. The Campaign was well-received with enthusiasm by the parents and other members of households. Large members of the public witnessed the campaign and supported the volunteers.”

Seminars/Conferences organized by GIRD

  1. National Seminar on Coastal Pollution (17 December 1996 at JNU, New Delhi), in association with the Society for Indian Ocean Studies. The Seminar focused on the environmental safeguards needed for Indian coastlines.
  2. ii. National Seminar on “Intellectual Property Rights: One Side Does not Fit All” (14th April 1998, WWF Auditorium, New Delhi). The Seminar addressed the local community issues involved in Intellectual Property Rights regime. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan delivered key-note address.

iii.           The National Seminar on ‘Environmental Issues – Itinerary of Time’ (5 June 2005, JNU, New Delhi), inaugurated by Shri I. K. Gujral, former Prime Minister, took stock of specific issues of environmental protection in India to evolve relevant and comprehensive action programmes on various fronts – water, air, health, food, etc.

  1. The National Seminar on “Social and Cultural Impact on Environment of India” (24th January, 2007), inaugurated by Shri. Oscar Fernandes, the then Minister of Labour and Employment, discussed specific social and cultural issues related to environment protection efforts in the Indian context.
  2. The National Seminar on “Vehicular Pollution in Delhi after the Court’s Directions: An Assessment” (26th February, 2008 at Delhi College of Engineering, now Delhi Technological College) assessed the effects of introduction of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for the public transport system and other pollution control measures in Delhi.
  3. vi. The National Seminar on “Sustainable Home Ecologies – Assessing Strengths and Mainstreaming of Green Buildings” (28th March 2009 at JNU, New Delhi) was organized as a prelude to an intensive action programme of changing people’s mindsets about their ideas and ideals in building homes to encourage practices conducive for energy-efficiency and saving on natural resources. Post-Seminar, GIRD carried out intensive campaigns and achieved success in influencing home-building ideas and practices in many parts of India. This campaign is an ongoing GIRD project.
  • The National Consultation on “Renewable Energy Promotion in Community Action and Education in India” (14. 02. 2010, IIT, Delhi) was organized to find all possible ways to augment the governmental efforts in generation and promotion of renewable energy.

viii.    The National Seminar onSustainable & Innovative Solutions for Water Woes” was organized in association with the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering of Delhi Technological University (DTU) in the background of the warnings of imminent crisis in the provision of fresh water to communities all over the world. The Seminar dealt with the issues of Sustaining Freshwater Resources and Countering threats to watershed ecosystems, and Issues in Conservation, Treatment and Sectoral Distribution of Water.

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